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13th Senate District Candidates

Mary Daughtry Abrams (D)

Party: Democrat
Age: 59
Residence: Meriden.
Occupation: Retired Teacher/High School Administrator.
Education: Special education, BS, MS, Southern Connecticut State University; Educational Leadership, sixth year, SCSU.
Platform: Quality affordable health care including full reproductive healthcare for women, home health services and combating rising prescription costs.Tax reform that relieves the burden on working families while supporting municipalities and schools. Strong economy where everyone prospers with good paying jobs, equal pay, increased minimum wage, and meaningful paid family medical leave. Equitable and quality education for all children. Stewardship of our environment and natural resources. Sensible gun laws that protect our children and the community. Protection for the rights of all members of our community, particularly workers, women, the disabled, and LGBTQ community.
Other: Endorsed by Working Families Party; Married to Superior Court Judge and former state Rep. James Abrams; Children: Madeline and Nicholas.

Len Suzio (R)*

Party: Republican.
Age: 70.
Residence: Meriden.
Occupation: Founder and President of GeoDataVision.
Education: BA, finance, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.
Platform: Suzio pledges to “never support a tax increase on the already overburdened taxpayers of our state.” He is also a strong opponent of tolls and a critic of the early-release program started by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, through which prisoners earn credits toward early release.
Other: Co-Chair Committee on Children, Vice Chair of Transportation; member of the Veterans Affairs Committee and Judiciary Committee and Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee. Endorsed by Independent Party. Member of the Victim Advocate Advisory Committee Lector at St. Stan’s (now St. Faustina Parish) and St. Rose in Meriden. Married to Kathryn (47 years) with 5 children.


Where they stand

Choose a topic below to see where the candidates stand on each issue.


Mary Daugherty Abrams' Stance: Abrams said working families are “Connecticut’s most important economic resource and wants “an economy where everyone in our community prospers is one of my highest priorities.”

“I am committed to creating and attracting good-paying jobs, increasing the minimum wage, and fighting for equal pay for equal work,” she said.

Len Suzio's Stance: Suzio said he is a “leader in fighting Dan Malloy's tax hiking and job-crushing agenda.”

He plans to “continue to work for pro-growth policies that will help improve Connecticut's economy by cutting taxes and encouraging businesses to stay, expand and move to our state." Education


Mary Daugherty Abrams' Stance: Abrams said she understands the importance of an education from her career as a teacher and school administrator.

“It is important for districts to receive in a timely manner the monies necessary to provide the education our children deserve,” she said. “In addition, it is imperative that we provide a safe and secure learning environment where all students achieve.”

Len Suzio's Stance: Suzio said he served on Meriden’ s Board of Education for 14 years and has been a “ very active advocate for education.” He cited his work helping create the plan to keep a Middlesex Community College branch in Meriden.

"I developed the idea with MxCC President (Anna) Wasecha and approached Meriden Superintendent Dr. Mark Benigni and the Meriden BOE who enthusiastically embraced the idea. This plan saved the MxCC campus in Meriden,” he said.

State Budget

Mary Daugherty Abrams' Stance: Abrams said Connecticut can no longer rely on working families to “bear the burden” of its fiscal woes.

She wants to “eliminate waste” from the state budget “look for alternative sources of revenue, as well as establishing a more equitable tax structure, which requires corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent in our state to pay "their fair share.”

Len Suzio's Stance: Suzio said he has made good on his past promise to “never support a tax increase on the already overburdened taxpayers of our state.”

Suzio added he has “fought Gov. Malloy and the Hartford insiders every time they tried to raise taxes and increase wasteful spending.”

Public Safety

Len Suzio's Stance:Suzio is focused on continuing to oppose Malloy’s “dangerous early release program,” through which prisoners earn credits toward early release.

“Far too often the violent criminal is back on the streets before his victim even leaves the hospital,” Suzio said. “This reckless Malloy policy must end.”


Mary Daugherty Abrams' Stance: Abrams said investing in the state’s transportation system is necessary to grow the economy, including ensuring roads and bridges are safe.

“We can no longer ignore this issue without putting our safety at risk,” she said. “In addition, we need to continue the development of public transportation alternatives. Creating an affordable, convenient mass transit system in our state means fewer cars on the road and therefore less pollution.”

Health Care

Mary Daugherty Abrams' Stance: Abrams contends “health care should not be a political issue” and said, “everyone is entitled to affordable, comprehensive health care including prescription medications, home health services, and mental health and addiction services.” She supports Paid Family Medical Leave and is pro-choice.

“I believe that women are entitled to have access to all reproductive health care options and that all health care decisions should be left to the patient. We must protect a women’s right to choose here in Connecticut,” she said.

Len Suzio's Stance:Suzio said reducing the cost of healthcare will benefit both businesses and families, who “cannot afford the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.”

Suzio also supports ensuring “access to short term and long term recovery programs as part of a comprehensive plan to stop this crisis.”