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RJ Staff

Who are we?

Our roots go back to 1867, when a small paper called the Weekly Visitor appeared on the streets of Meriden, Connecticut. The Record-Journal continues to publish local news more than 150 years later.

The paper has grown, changed names, and incorporated other local newspapers and media properties in those 150 years. Today the company continues to be published locally by the White family, which is now enjoying its fifth generation of leadership.

We’ve grown along with the towns we serve. We are a local, family business. We care about and participate in the communities where we raise our families. Through our news coverage, our role as a leading employer, and our support of countless clubs, organizations and causes; our goal is to promote and foster an informed communtiy of people so we may grow strong together.

View our timeline below for our full history.

Our Mission: To be the primary catalyst that motivates people to contribute to the intellectual, civic and economic vitality of our communities.

Our Connecticut Publications

  • The Record-Journal - Meriden, Wallingford, Southington & Cheshire
  • The Cheshire Citizen - Cheshire
  • The Southingon Citizen - Southington
  • The Plainville Citizen - Plainville
  • The Town Times - Durham & Middlefield
  • The Berlin Citizen - Berlin
  • The North Haven Citizen - North Haven
  • The Cheshire Herald - Cheshire

What do we stand for?


Quality Journalism

At a time when news consumers face unprecedented challenges evaluating the credibility of ever increasing amounts of information, our reporters and editors remain committed to the essential cause of quality journalism. Our reporting is built upon credible information gathered free of obligation. We strive to be a watchdog of the public interest by providing a window to local government and other important institutions.

This has been the Record-Journal’s mission for over 150 years and we’re incredibly proud to continue that tradition in service to our readers today!

Helping Businesses Grow

Supporting the Community

  • Eliot White
  • President
  • Elizabeth White
  • Publisher & Executive Vice President