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Maloney softball coach has new twist on ‘chalk talk’

Maloney softball coach has new twist on ‘chalk talk’

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MERIDEN — While spring athletes are playing the waiting game right now, Maloney High School softball coach Scott Aresco and his five children didn’t want to wait around to do something thoughtful for his players.

Current Maloney players Emma Burns, Haley Kennedy, Taylor Trowbidge, Lea White and former Spartan Regan Maloney recently received surprise messages from Aresco and his kids.

Going from house to house by bike, with plenty of sidewalk chalk in tow, the Arescos drew softballs alongside each player’s name and uniform number, and left a personal message.

“The girls are still excited and hopeful that we are going to be playing, so I’ve been going to their houses with my kids and writing notes,” Aresco said Monday. “I just want to give them a little encouragement.”

Burns was the first to get the “chalk talk” treatment from Aresco and his children, Zack and Randy, as well as the three foster children in his care.

“Emma lives near by and I wanted to get out of the house, so we took chalk to Emma’s house and left a message,” Aresco said. “Then we did another one at 8 p.m. We wanted to do something nice for them. I think everyone appreciated it.”

Burns, Maloney’s senior centerfielder, said her father alerted her that someone was in the driveway.

“By the time I got outside, they were riding away on their bikes,” Burns said. “It’s totally something he would do, but it was a surprise. It made my day. It shows how supportive he is and he knows how devastated we are that we can’t play. I don’t know how many coaches would do that.”

Lea White, a returning All-State shortstop who will be off to UMass-Lowell to play softball next year, discovered her message after being out with her parents.

“I came back and there was a bunch of chalk on the driveway,” White said. “It was a nice surprise. He knows we are just waiting to hear about what is going to happen with the season. This gave me a reason for hope.”

Aresco said there would be “more to come” as far as he and his kids delivering pep talks and decorating driveways.