LETTERS: Not happy with Biden; Christmas is not over



Mr. Blow's column (12/26/21) was nothing but lies about how Biden represented himself to America: a moderate who’d stabilize and bring the country together. We were already stable but now our stability is gone. There is constant accusation of racism, vaxed against unvaxed, parents against school boards, and cancel culture.

Since his election, he has ruled by mandate, not legislation. This administration is progressive and has done everything it could to destroy our democracy. Their meetings on Build Back Better allow no Republican input, according to Sen. Tim Scott (“The Dan Bongino Show,” Christmas night). They are trying to change our voting laws to insure always winning, taxing as yet unrealized income, continuing child tax credit forever, and other issues which would make America a socialist nation.

Some people wanted to get rid of Trump, judging him on his tweets instead of all his wonderful accomplishments for Americans; a president willing to answer questions from anyone at any time. He made his positions clear. 

Biden reads all of his press reports, written by someone, is told when he can speak, who to call on, what to say, etc. When watching Biden on TV, I can believe my own eyes and ears. He is not running our government  He doesn’t have the mental capacity. Afghanistan was a travesty, our borders totally open to friend and foe, crime and inflation rampant, drugs pouring in, shortage of goods  and workers due to government handouts, more people have died of COVID in 2021 than in 2020 (national statistic) etc. But Biden doesn't tweet, I don't think he knows how. 

Also, the cartoon in Monday's paper shows Trumpism as destroying democracy. How dare you!? It only shows how frightened Democrats are of his ability to restore and keep our democracy.

Sylvia Dighello, Wallingford

Not over


Christmas has been hijacked by the retail market. There is Advent followed by Christmas, from December 25 to January 6. Retail is doing a fine job helping us prepare for the season, however people have forgotten about the true season of Christmas and when to celebrate.

A few years ago my family and I went to a German restaurant during our holiday break, only to find all the Christmas decorations were taken down. I asked the waitress where all the decorations were, especially since it was a German restaurant, hence where the Tannenbaum originated. The reply was, “Christmas is over.” 

No, Christmas is not over. Christmas is all this week until the Epiphany, January 6. It’s fun preparing for Christmas, however don't let retail dictate how to celebrate. Radio stations end the music at noon December 25 because it doesn’t make money. 

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe. 

Ellen G Paiva, Wallingford 


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