LETTERS: Meriden’s YuleFest was worth the effort

All worth it


Sunday morning the day after YuleFest 2021. I finally hit the bed late last night after a very very long and tiring day, week and months. It's now time to catch up on some much needed rest.

Before I fell asleep last night i thought about today's YuleFest and said to myself, yes it was all worth it. All the planning, meetings, phone calls, all the driving here and there, working with Mrs. Claus as we walked and rode throughout Meriden and everything. It was all worth it to see those kids eyes wide open when Santa arrived at the YuleFest.

Thank you to everyone who helped by donating time, money, trees, physical and mental efforts and just a thank you from those I saw during the time leading up to and the day of YuleFest.

So many helped in so many ways if I tried to list everyone here I'm sure I would miss someone.

So from both Carrie Teele  and I, we say THANK YOU and THANK YOU to All of Meriden for helping us completing yesterday and hopefully into the future Our Dream.

Dave Grodzicki, Meriden


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