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Letters: Readers offer voting advice

Strengths to offer


Dia has several strengths to offer the city of Meriden as a Board of Education member. She is a community builder with a vision for parents and students to be better learners and to better their community. Dia is a loving daughter, mother, and friend. As a nurse practitioner, she stands for total healing, mind, body, and soul. In conclusion, I highly recommend Diadette Hernandez for Meriden’s Board of Education.  If you need additional information, please contact me by telephone or email at Mfraser12@yahoo.com anytime.

Minister Mildred Fraser, Bloomfield

Say enough is enough


Vote for Elain Cariati, Meriden's City Council at large. Elain has served the Meriden community her entire life and as a mother of two and a business woman, she knows the importance of spending money wisely. Taxpayers need to support Elain if they want to see an end to their always increasing property tax bills. Say enough is enough and vote for Elain Cariati.

Lynn Stimpson, Meriden

Someone to trust


As a senior and homeowner for well over 60 years, I am truly concerned on mayoral candidate Riley O’Connell’s false promises. It is just not possible to promise no taxes in year one without either spending down town reserves or cutting valuable senior and school programs. O’Connell claims he will seek grants to eliminate tax increases. Does he understand we compete for grants with 169 other municipalities in the state?  Some grants Wallingford doesn’t even qualify for.  I’m voting for Vinny Cervoni for mayor. Vinny is honest, experienced and someone we can trust to lead our town into the future.

Robert F. Parisi, Wallingford

Change is coming


Change is coming to Wallingford! Finally! Every day the news stories are about how old people should not be in high government positions. Some people here say that young people cannot handle the job of managing a town. So what is it? I find it ironic to read a sign for the Republican candidate for kayor stating “keep Wallingford strong” as town buildings crumble around us. This person is in the current administration and allowed it to happen. So, let’s vote for Riley O’Connell for mayor! Vote the Democratic line. Please bring our town into the future. 

 Susan Pierson, Wallingford

Invest in people   


I am writing in support of Kirsten Misner for Meriden City Council in Area 4.  I have known Kirsten for 25 years as a dear friend and Meriden neighbor. Kirsten is not a politician, but she has answered the call to public service to move Meriden forward, not backwards, and to offer full support to our teachers, firefighters, police and other public servants. Like all of the democratic candidates this year, Kirsten realizes that Meriden must invest in its most precious assets – its people. Area 4 deserves such a candidate.

Ronald Weller, Meriden

Unique skill set


Please vote for Melanie Rossacci for the Board of Education! A fellow long-term resident, I have known her for about 30 years. She has always been strong-willed and willing to take on challenges that life has or may offer. Melanie’s family is top-notch and reflect her values, which we all should strive for.  Her unique skill set will allow her to understand complex issues the board encounters.  Melanie will grasp the plight many face, due to socioeconomic status, culture, disability, or otherwise. She will research, listen, question, and deliberate before finalizing her opinions.  

Jonathan & Stacey Chappell, Wallingford


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