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Letters: Supporting candidates and reaching out

Reaching out


I have spent the last four months reaching out to Wallingford voters at their front doors, and the overwhelming message is that people are eager for change but cautious about the costs. I hear and share those concerns, and that is why I am running for Town Council.

As someone whose children attended Wallingford public schools, I understand Wallingford's tremendous strengths as well as the areas that deserve greater attention. Our greatest concerns are our town’s infrastructure, and that includes the condition of our schools. I commit as town councilor to addressing these needs in a way that satisfies the concerns of the community while setting the town up for a prosperous future.

I have proven my commitment to Wallingford by giving my time to the public library, Youth Soccer, and the Boy Scouts. I will advocate for programs that improve the lives of our children and work with town departments and officials to make sure the tools are there to maintain and improve the spaces in which these programs are offered.

My education in statistics and research methods and my professional experience in biomedical research afford me an understanding of population shifts and epidemiological data—expertise that will serve Wallingford residents well when we encounter challenges and make plans for the future. I commit to making decisions that are data driven and transparent—I will take the time to explain my decisions and provide the information used in making those decisions.

I come with a well-deserved reputation for remaining calm, reasonable, and thoughtful even in the most contentious circumstances. As town councilor, I will serve the people of Wallingford and address the interests and needs of all residents. Please visit www.JesseReynoldsTownCouncil.com to contact me or to learn more about my campaign.

Jesse Reynolds, Wallingford

Exceptional leader


I laugh when I hear people say that Riley will raise taxes when these same people have endured 20 years of Republican tax increases and said nothing. Riley will be an exceptional leader for Wallingford’s citizens. He will provide responsible budgeting and take advantage of state and federal grant money. I’ll take O’Connell, an intelligent, forward thinking individual, over a tired rubber stamper like Cervoni. There is so much that has deteriorated in Wallingford but it won’t be fixed in one year. Riley will develop a 10-year plan to address our crumbling infrastructure. Finally, the responsible thing to do.

Lou Faiella, Wallingford

Dedicated and committed


I am excited to support Marla Roscoe, who is seeking re-election for the Board of Education in Wallingford. I first met her when she was my physical therapist 12 years ago. At the time her passion, knowledge and attention to detail impressed me. As I watch her advocate for Wallingford's children, I continue to see those same characteristics. She is dedicated and committed to ensuring our students receive a well-rounded education and I am confident she will do it. For over the years I have never known her to encounter a challenge she could not overcome. 

Sharon Klein, Wallingford


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