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Letters: Wallingford BOE candidate talks about a business and financial background; a reader says it’s high time Wallingford embraced direct deposit

Deeply involved


I am honored and humbled to introduce myself to the people of Wallingford. I am Ben Hyland, and I am an endorsed candidate for the Wallingford Board of Education. My wife, Rebecca Hyland, and I are raising our son, Henry, in Wallingford, and he is enrolled in our public schools. We are deeply involved in our community, and I look forward to representing Wallingford’s families on the Board of Ed.

As both a father and businessman, I see a strategic path forward for Wallingford’s schools. We need to prioritize the well-being of our students, teachers, and school staff. By emphasizing a strong analytical approach, we can maximize our resources and ensure all resources are used to their fullest extent to support our school community. 

I will use my business and financial background to achieve these goals. In my career, I’ve managed teams in a sales environment and been entrusted with large financial decisions. Too often, schools are strapped for financial resources, so I will make it a point to stretch every dollar to its fullest. I understand what it means to manage finances and make long-term investments for our future.

Our children deserve the very best, and as such, we have to support those who educate them. Everyone in Wallingford benefits when the schools are strong, not just those with children in the schools. More people will move to Wallingford, property values will increase, individual tax burdens will decrease, and all the while our children will receive the benefits of a stellar education.

I want to thank the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee for their endorsement. I am excited to earn your vote on November 7. Please reach out at BenforBOE@gmail.com and on Facebook @BenForBoardOfEd. 

Ben Hyland, Wallingford

About time


The Record Journal today included an article,” Wallingford considers implementing direct deposit, other options for updating payroll processes” (9/21/23, myrecordjournal.com).  About time. I started working for a nearby town in 1994, which had direct deposit then.

This may not be the primary issue,  but it is symptomatic of the lack of forward-thinking leadership in the town over the past decades, a usable pool, cheap fixes to sidewalks, and deteriorating facilities. Meanwhile, there is no grants manager on municipal staff to get money from the state or federal government.

We need new leadership in town, so please vote for Riley Oconnell for mayor along with the Democratic team.

Brian J Miller, Wallingford


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