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Letters: Support for candidates, support for the positive tone of political letters

What Wallingford needs


Would you ever step onto a jet plane being flown by a pilot with no training? Would you undergo surgery with a surgeon that never performed an operation? If you were a soldier would you follow a leader that never supervised or commanded anyone? Lastly, would you allow anyone with no budget experience to manage a $187 million  municipal budget? So why would you ever consider voting for Riley O’Connell for mayor? Wallingford needs a mayor with municipal experience, leadership and vision in Town Hall, not someone with an empty resume. Wallingford needs Vinny Cervoni for mayor!

John J. Sullivan, Wallingford

Great future for Meriden


Nice to see the positive tone of political letters. They reflect Meriden’s accomplishments — schools, library, new businesses, flood control, ARPA, airport, parks and more. Now a senior center replacing the former hospital! This can only happen with hard work from a talented, committed team. Mayor Scarpati and Democratic council members put in the work and cooperation to get things done.

The Democratic ticket features impressive fresh candidates and proven leaders. Please support this team. Please register and vote. Encourage friends and family. Vote and keep Meriden on its positive track.

Dave Rauch Meriden

Strong voice


Vote Sean McDonald for City Council at large. With his experience, dedication, and fresh perspective, Sean will be the voice of Meriden residents, foster community growth, and bring a positive change to our city. Trust Sean to be a strong voice for Meriden.

Gary Yale, Meriden

Proven leader


Sean McDonald is a proven leader with a deep understanding our city's challenges and opportunities. His innovative ideas and collaborative approach will bring positive change to our community.

Vote for Sean McDonald for city council at large to ensure a brighter future for all residents.

Meriden needs more people that care about the city. 

M. Hernández, Meriden


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