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Letters: Support for Republicans in Meriden, Wallingford, and a letter about hunting days of yore

Positive change


Vote for Sean McDonald for Meriden City Council at Large. He is dedicated and loves our city, who will work tirelessly to improve our community. With his strong commitment to public service he is the best choice to represent our interests and bring positive change to Meriden.

Jennifer Addy, Meriden 

Excellent candidate


Area 3 in Meriden, remember this name, Michael Zakrzewski!! Excellent candidate: retired Meriden Police captain, active in Lions Club. Michael has driven every street in this city as a police officer, talked to many residents about the wants/needs of making Meriden a stronger community. He has worked on budgets, grants, purchasing as captain and has a MS in public administration. He understands what we need and is willing to work for the betterment of our community. Visit his Facebook, Michael Zakrzewski for City Council area 3. Voting for Michael is a win for us. He has Meriden in his heart!!!

Ray Bednarz, Meriden

Brighter future


I am excited to support Sean McDonald for Meriden City Council. Sean’s fresh perspective and innovative ideas are exactly what our city needs. I believe in Sean’s ability to bring positive change and represent the voices of all residents. Let's elect Sean McDonald for a brighter future in Meriden.

Kristen Gildersleeve, Meriden

Real world


Wallingford’s mayor administers a $189 million budget and manages many town departments. Who can/should do that? Somebody who’s never been responsible for anyone but himself, hasn’t managed/supervised anyone, and embellishes his meager resume, or Vinny Cervoni? Someone who’s never had to make a decision that impacts anyone else’s life or finances, or Vinny Cervoni? A candidate who believes that it’s possible to please everyone by drastically increasing spending (higher wages/benefits, infrastructure/technology upgrades, high school renovation/consolidation, etc.) without increasing taxes, or Vinny Cervoni who lives in the real world with the rest of us? No question! Vinny Cervoni for mayor!

Patricia J. Kohl, Wallingford

Uniquely prepared


A vote for Chad Cardillo for City Council is a vote for Meriden’s future. Other candidates are quick to focus on the parts and people of Meriden they deem unsavory, but Chad is devoted to uplifting ALL. To put it simply, other candidates are out of touch with the Meriden population, but Chad is uniquely prepared to meet the needs of our youth, seniors, business owners, nonprofit organizations, and front-line workers, because he serves those groups daily as a teacher, volunteer, and activist. These are what makes Chad who he is, not a mask for social media or elections.

Lauren Strillacci, Meriden

Deep understanding


I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Vinny Cervoni's mayoral candidacy. His vision for our town reflects a deep understanding of our community's needs.

The high school consolidation question is a complex issue, and Vinny's pledge to approach it with thorough and thoughtful collaboration with the BOE is reassuring. He understands the importance of prioritizing academics, securing a location, traffic impact, transportation, and financial considerations in making this decision.

Vinny's overall platform demonstrates his commitment to improving our town. I wholeheartedly support him as the best choice for Wallingford's future.

Tammy Raccio, Wallingford

In response


In response to the letter (“Disgusted,” 9/8/23) criticizing the Woods ’N’ Water article of 8/23/2023, the letter writer apparently was never taught of what life was like in the days of yore. I grew up in Wallingford, and lived under similar circumstances as the writer of the column. The hunting of squirrels  and rabbits helped put food on the table of many homes during hard times, therefore it was not uncommon to see rifles and shotguns being open carried to the hunting areas ... a practice that would be frowned  upon in today’s society. 

Many of the areas that were available to hunting in the past are not conducive to that activity today. The  author was sharing memories, the one criticising seems to have a problem interpreting the writings. 

Woods ’N’ Water is a great informative and sometimes educational column to those who can comprehend its content.       

George Yasensky, Wallingford           


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