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Letters: Support for a candidate, and an urging to leave those squirrels alone

Editor’s note: Some letters were received before the 100-word limit on political letters went into effect.

Scarlett support


Being a Board of Education member requires commitment and a willingness to put in long hours, community engagement, listening tours with student’s parents, teachers, and other staff. The type of issues that Maria can work on will impact education in the community. The benefits of running for office is that Maria will make a difference and that’s not a status quo. Maria will ask the hard questions, bring innovative thinking, challenge and advocate on behalf of the students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Empowering people is the avenue to parents, teachers, and students having a voice, and be a part of the process. Please join me in supporting Maria Scarlett and the rest of the Democratic ticket on November 7th.


Hilda E. Santiago, Meriden



I was disgusted reading the 8/25/23 R-J column Woods N Water: "Feeling squirrely these days? That's quite all alright," in which the author touts squirrel hunting season and the good old days, writing that "the sight of a kid walking down the street or riding a bike with a firearm across the handlebars was NEVER a cause for alarm."

We are not living in 1920's depression times nor are we in the wilderness starving. I don't resent the hawks, that's nature, but we have so little habitat left in our urban Meriden environment I for one am thankful that the R-J author of the article can only bemoan all the places he used to shoot squirrels but no longer can. He cited behind St. Laurent Cemetery on Hanover Road as one of his favorite old hunting spots.

Leave the squirrels alone.

Colleen Cyr, Meriden


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