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LETTERS: The tactic of guilt by association, the controversy over Columbus

LETTERS: The tactic of guilt by association, the controversy over Columbus

Guilt by association


Two separate letters to the editor, published nearly a month apart, by two Meriden Democrats, coincidentally share the same theme, guilt by association.

In his letter “Vote Republicans out” (May 26) Mr. Freiser urges readers to “reject Republican candidates up and down the ballot,” while citing the President and Senator McConnell.

On June 23, Ms. Gallagher in her letter “Elections have consequences” wastes no time in attacking Republican Town Committee Chairman Sean McDonald for his June 8 opinion. Mr. McDonald’s piece was a factual timeline, with where the information was obtained. Ms. Gallagher says the “Democratic response to any wrongdoings have been publicly documented in the RJ,” with nothing more. Making the reader to assume she is correct, or to make them do research on their own.

She continues to blame Mr. McDonald and the entire Meriden RTC, for failing to take action on Wallingford Town Councilor and State Representative Mr. Craig Fishbein.

Which brings me back to my original claim, guilt by association. Democrats feel it’s easier to convince voters that any public official with an “R” behind their name is evil, than it is to spend five minutes researching the candidate.

It’s also easier for Democrats in Meriden to claim all Republicans, agree carte blanche with the President, Senator McConnell, or a politician from another town, than to promote their candidates, or defend their records as elected officials. I do agree that “elections have consequences” as Ms. Gallagher said, and that candidates need to be rejected “up and down the ballot” as Mr. Freiser said.

But if you look at the current situation in Meriden and Connecticut, the candidates that need to be held accountable and voted out are the Democratic majorities that have dominated Meriden and Connecticut for decades.

Christopher Maslar, Meriden

What’s good for one


There is a huge controversy regarding the statue of Christopher Columbus who in the 15th century was a slave trader. In the 14th and 15th centuries slave trading was a profession. Slaves were sold by other blacks to be shipped off to Caribbean Island and held for final transport to North America.

We look at this legal act 500 years later with outrage. Well, I submit that Elihu Yale, yes the one Yale is named for, was a slave trader. Will the name of Yale be changed just like Calhoun Campus was at Yale? What is good for one is good for all.

If you remove Christopher Columbus's statue, remove Columbus Day and tell the Knights of Columbus to disband. If you do that, you are creating an atmosphere of anger, bias, hatred and resentment. Then these renegade groups will spring up and cause an outrage like none we have seen before.

John Anzidei, Wallingford

Where is the outrage?


Where is the outrage in this country! Our heritage is being erased before our very eyes by these insurgents and attempting to replace it with a totalitarian political movement and nobody seems to care.

These far-left groups — Black Lives Matter (BLM), ANTIFA, Marxists and our very own home-grown protestors who were educated in our leftist Ivy League colleges, who seem to hate this country and want to demolish our history and replace it with their own oppressive regime.

Our statues of Francis Scott Key, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, to name a few, were erected to honor their contribution to the building of this country at that particular time in history and now these anarchists are judging them through the lens of today — NOT EQUIVALENT — and should not  be tolerated! Tearing down these statues with impunity are criminal acts and should be dealt with accordingly.

Where is the outrage from both the Democrats and the Republicans! Where is the accountability for this criminal behavior? It’s a free-for-all in some of these cities. If we don’t act soon, the country, which was once a beacon of freedom and opportunity, will be no more.

I, for one, am totaling disgusted with these “talking heads” on the TV trying to put a positive spin on this rampant destruction of our American heritage. Good or bad, we have come a long way and we should still honor those men who helped build this country, and judge them for the contributions they made at the particular point in history.

Sylvia Moore, Wallingford

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