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LETTERS: Solar farm in Southington, Delay for salons and barbershops 

LETTERS: Solar farm in Southington, Delay for salons and barbershops 

Solar plus farming


Upon reading the Record Journal’s recent editorial, “Solar vs. farm in Southington,” our first thought was that a more accurate title might be “Solar Plus Farming in Southington.”  From our perspective, it would be a better title since it reflects our desire to deliver clean energy in Southington in a way that allows agriculture on the parcel to continue.  

Our proposed solar array would use approximately one third of the 103-acre parcel, ensuring that acreage outside of the array would be able to be used for farming. In addition, we are exploring innovative ways to incorporate farming within the area of the array itself through the layout of the solar panels’ spacing.  We are also researching the opportunity to restore up to 10 new acres on the parcel, unlocking land that could be farmed for the first time. Finally, our proposal includes introducing pollinator habitats, supporting pollinators like honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Once established, these habitats will offer an opportunity for local honey production.

Solar energy offers clear benefits for the environment. Our proposed array will produce 9,155 Megawatt hours of energy annually, the equivalent of offsetting 6,473 metric tons of CO2 emissions. These positive contributions will be achieved without producing any air emissions and without adding traffic or noise in Southington’s neighborhoods. Additionally, at the end of its lifespan, the solar array will be decommissioned and removed from the property, with the land restored to its original condition. 

We appreciate the opportunity to share the facts about our proposed solar project with Southington residents.  We are especially pleased to reiterate our goal to grow Connecticut’s clean energy resources in a way that accommodates agriculture.  We encourage residents who want to learn more or ask questions to visit

William Herchel, co-founder and CEO, Verogy



I was extremely disappointed by Governor Lamont’s last-minute decision to reverse course and keep barbershops and hair salons closed, instead of allowing them to reopen on May 20th as previously announced.  Many of these small businesses invested considerable time and money to be ready on the scheduled date, and had calendars full of appointments. The reasons given for the costly delay bordered on the nonsensical: there’s simply no need to coordinate such an event with the state of Rhode Island; and shops not prepared to open were not obliged to.

As a mother of four — three of them young women who frequent a local hair salon with me — I can assure you that all of us are comfortable returning to our salon. We will do our part to stay safe, and we are confident the salon will do its part to protect the customers it relies on. We all want to stay healthy, but we also need to be reasonable. 

As small business owners ourselves, my family and I recognize that our economy is at risk if the state is not reasonable and predictable in its approach. If large operations such as Walmart and Target, which deal with hundreds of customers each day, can safely remain open, then I am confident our salon owners can manage to protect their clients as well. 

I urge readers to support of our salons and barber shops and their responsible efforts to reopen. We must let our legislators know that we stand together, in opposition to arbitrary and capricious government decision-making, and in support of the hard-working small business men and woman who serve our community with their time and talent and contribute to the prosperity of our town and state. 

Pam Salamone, Cheshire

The writer is a Republican candidate for the 103rd House District seat.