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LETTERS: The emperor’s new clothes and public money wasted

LETTERS: The emperor’s new clothes and public money wasted

Emperor’s new clothes


The Emperor’s New Clothes, a Hans Christian Anderson fable, written in 1837, has taken on a stinging significance in today’s political atmosphere. And there just might be a legitimate comparison with circumstances currently underway in our nation’s capital.

As in the Anderson fable, the vain Leader is obsessed with his image and enlists the firm of Guliani, Barr and Hannity to provide him with a new wardrobe, befitting of someone of his stature and prominence. They strip him bare, then pretend to weave a protective cover which, in fact, is transparent.

The Leader surrounds himself with persons who were either unfit for public office, or profess to see and admire his new clothes. Those that insist on seeing him as being nude, or will not praise his new transparency, are summarily removed from public office.

While certain segments of the civilian population become inured to this new form of haberdashery, and praise his unique sense of style, both in attire and leadership, others who insist on reporting the obscenity of his nudity are ridiculed and called traitor.

On occasion when it might be politically propitious to don ritualistic or appropriate headgear, such as sombrero, fez, turban, yarmulke, or do-rag, they too would be transparent and/or invisible.

In that case, it would probably not be noticed that the head-covering had not been tipped or removed when the nation’s flag passed by.     

Lawrence Singer, Wallingford

Public money wasted


The State seems to have two policies, each of which is well-intentioned in itself but which taken together are inconsistent and contradictory to one another.

Pending legislation, if passed, will phase in a 50 percent increase in the minimum wage. This will benefit not only minimum-wage earners but all wage earners because of the ripple effect.

But this is a great hardship and deterrent to businesses large and small who are the only source of employment for that segment of the working population who lack marketable skills. 

The other program is the state and federal scheme to encourage entrepreneurship and development of business in “opportunity zones” (See “New Fund to Promote Investment Downtown,” R-J, 5/10/19).

The increased minimum wage is a burden and discouragement to investors. This "opportunity zones" program has very little chance of success, and the public money spent on it will be wasted. It will just disappear down the bureaucratic rabbit hole. Better to put that money to a more fruitful purpose such as vocational school and community college programs that will teach the skills that could justify higher wages.

William J. Glick, Meriden

A double standard


So I can understand this: If your parents break the law to get you into college, you should be expelled from school, they should be indicted, charged and convicted of a felony and may serve some time in jail.

ALTHOUGH … If your parents break the law to get you into the country, you should be given a FREE education, healthcare on the American taxpayer’s dime and EVERYONE should be given AMNESTY.

That, my dear friend, is the logic of a Liberal Democrat.

Lillian “Toni” Soboleski, Meriden