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LETTERS: Tolls and taxes, a good show, support the Daffodil Festival funding, and state tourism

LETTERS: Tolls and taxes, a good show, support the Daffodil Festival funding, and state tourism

Tolls and gas tax


I have followed the Tolls v. Gas Tax controversy and came to the realization that the matter should be no more than a technical discussion.

We have long had a gasoline tax and we also had tolls. The idea of borrowing now in anticipation of toll revenues is the exact method used in funding the Connecticut Turnpike. So why the fuss?

The difference between then and now is that in 1956 we had trust in our state government. We thought that the turnpike would be built and maintained by the tolls.

At first the trust was justified. The turnpike opened and I remember driving from my house in Guilford to the New York State line in one hour at a speed of 60 miles per hour. The state however, did not maintain the highway and it was a bridge collapse that revealed how poorly it had been maintained.

The state offered a new plan. 

In exchange for having one of the highest gasoline taxes in the country we would have good roads and no tolls.

Many years later the roads are in poor condition and improvements that should have been made many years ago were never done. Now the State has a new plan. We will have tolls and dedicate all the funds in a lock box for transportation uses only. Does anybody actually believe that will happen?

I suggest that the General Assembly and the Governor start acting like grown adults.  Pass some honest budgets, stop raiding other funds and stop borrowing for non-essential and frivolous purposes. Then come back and we can talk about tolls.

David Parent, Wallingford



We would like to congratulate the cast, crew and all involved at Platt High school in the production of The Sound of Music.

It was a wonderful performance of a classic musical which we first saw on Broadway over 50 years ago.

We truly enjoyed an afternoon at the Platt theater. Everyone did a terrific job! Bravo!!

Edward and Joan Siebert
and family, Meriden

Stronger doors


Cutting back on Emergency Services at the Daffodil Festival reminds of when the airline industry successfully fought back the idea of requiring stronger cockpit doors. They saved $500 per aircraft. Besides, what could go wrong!

Peter N. Hargett, Meriden

A good laugh


I just had a good laugh from the news for Connecticut, they want to boost tourism. That’s very interesting to me. They should put a sign on the highways that say: Welcome to Connecticut, the tax me state. We will take your money no matter what you buy, we tax everything and anything!!

When I see our so-called Governor on TV I cringe. He lied from the very beginning about tolls. The Democratic representatives will go along with Lamont for taxes. It seems the Democratic representatives do not care about us anymore. They all need to be voted out of office. It’s seems the Democrats check their common sense at the door before they go into session. 

I was once a Democrat but changed to Republican. I have always gotten straight and honest answers from the Republicans. The Democrats couldn’t be bothered to get back to me on anything or any topic I was concerned about. 

People that retire usually move away from Connecticut. It’s not affordable for our younger folks and older folks. We are losing them to other states more affordable.

Citizens of  Connecticut wake up before it’s too late. This state is being flushed down the toilet very fast. Vote your conscience not status quo. Vote Democrats out. Most of them are too comfortable in their position. We need new representatives that care about us. 

Lamont is no different than Malloy. Tax tax tax. Malloy was tax and spend and Lamont is no different!

Debra Belancik, Meriden