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EDITORIAL: Time for impeachment, Meriden taxpayers

EDITORIAL: Time for impeachment, Meriden taxpayers

Time for impeachment


Our country has been turned upside down. We have a president that will not adhere to his oath of office. He truly believes he is above the law. When confronted with his wrongdoings his response is, “so what, I'm the president, you’re not,” or “witch hunt, fake news,” and other dismissing comments.

Now the discussion has moved to impeachment. The discussion is serious, as it should be. I find it ironic that the deliberative body, the Congress, is a branch of the government that POTUS would like to abolish. In POTUS's eyes there are no "equal" branches of government. He believes he is the supreme ruler with no equal, and definitely no "checks and balances.”

This POTUS is trying to eliminate our democracy because he, and only he, knows what is best for the country. By "country" he means himself. He continually states that no other POTUS has been "harassed" like him. What a joke. It is not harassment when you do wrong and are confronted. Congressional oversight is not harassment, it is their job. 

Supporters of 45 are a cult. They wave their flags, wear their MAGA hats, accuse anyone who does not bow down to their leader as a traitor. Hey, we are not the ones that are buddies with Putin. His cult followers can't or refuse to see what a terrible, corrupt person POTUS is. 

We rational people are not "haters" because we might be Democrats. We do not want a POTUS that has nothing but contempt for the Constitution, has no empathy, no compassion, no moral compass, and no ethics. He has no shame because, in his eyes, he can do no wrong. He will not change, so impeachment is in order. The question is, are the Republicans loyal to POTUS or the Constitution?  

Roy Bellante, Cheshire

Making taxpayers pay


Mayor Scarpati said (Record-Journal, Oct. 25, 2017) a priority issue was the heavy tax burden felt by all citizens including our seniors and veterans and we have to tighten our budget and limit spending, commenting, “I am proud to say I will always put Meriden and its residents first. I put people above politics.” (Record-Journal, Oct. 12, 2015). He made the final deciding vote to retain council attorney Michael Quinn, which resulted in a ruling by the Supreme Court that his deciding vote was not valid, which cost taxpayers over $160,000 (Record-Journal, Dec. 13, 2004). Mayor Scarpati’s decision to remove the people of the Libertarian Party from the Daffodil Festival (May 2018) was ruled a violation of their rights. This resulted in a lawsuit costing taxpayers $37,000, which also included issues disclosed in a closed-door meeting by the City Council which was not revealed. We should always remember that Nobody Gets Away With Anything. Everything Bears Consequences. The First Amendment matters as does my freedom of speech. There is a place for Mayor Scarpati, but it is not as mayor of this City. Thank you.

Don Kroeber, Meriden