LETTERS: Fair treatment in Wallingford

Fair treatment


I  want to thank the Wallingford ZBA for your unanimous vote as your vice chairman once again. I want to thank the Wallingford Town Council for their support for reappointment and also the kind people and friends that all know me, and spoke at the meeting and wrote articles to the paper. What I did on social media a few years ago was wrong and I’ll be the first to admit that I am not without faults, and I have taken some of the public comments to heart and am careful what I do on Facebook. I don’t know Mr Storck,  but I believe he should not have thrown stones at others and defended himself on his own merits!

In the past 39 years that I have served in many capacities on different committees, elected positions and appointed positions,  I have never discriminated against anyone that came before me! Everyone gets a fair treatment and I will continue to serve this town ’cause I love this town. God bless us all and hope that we can all work together! 

Raymond J. Rys Sr., Wallingford

Partisan decision


I am usually a big supporter of the decisions made by the Wallingford Town Council.  I have come out in support of other past controversial decisions made in recent times. This time even I see the partisan decision made here. As someone who always believes in accountability, it should be either both get the job or neither should have it.

I personally think using social media presence is a bad way to vet the candidates for a volunteer job, but if that is how the council is doing it, fine. But then have a standard and stick with that for all personnel no matter what party.  

Robert DiBlasi, Wallingford


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