LETTERS: The Wallingford Town Council’s shifting argument

Shifting argument


The hypocrisy demonstrated by the Wallingford Town Council at the March meeting was astounding. Last month the WDTC voted unanimously to endorse Ed Storck to the Zoning Board of Appeals, which was rejected by all Republican  councilors. They supposedly based this rejection on his online behavior, but no specifics were given. They questioned his ability to make unbiased decisions, and voted against his nomination. The issue of free speech was never raised; however, Republican council members shifted the argument that way concerning their appointee.  

On March 22, 2022,  Raymond Rys, a Republican, was nominated and appointed as vice-chair to the Zoning Board of Appeals, though certain online behaviors of his had been raised. He reposted clearly biased memes which contained false information, copies of which were shared with the council. At least one councilor said Mr. Rys’ humor could be crude at times.

Yet, Mr. Rys online behavior was never discussed because many councilors stated they have known him for a long time, that he has served Wallingford for decades, and that free speech allowed him to post what he did.

Somehow, their interpretation of Mr. Storck's online behavior, without proof or discussion, raised the question of his ability to make  unbiased decisions, yet Mr. Rys' online behavior was not held to the same standard. No one said he didn't have the right to post them, though they contain misinformation and lies. Free speech was not the issue.

More importantly and disturbing, beyond these two individuals' behavior, is the behavior of Republican Town Council members. A pattern has developed of them doing whatever they want without believing they should answer to their questionable behavior. This raises the question: who really does not have the ability to make unbiased decisions?

Nancy Fabrizi, Wallingford


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