LETTERS: Wallingford Town Council was wrong to single out Storck



During the Town Council meeting of Tuesday, March 8, a slate of appointees to various boards and commissions — unpaid, volunteer positions — was approved, but for that of Ed Storck, an attorney and member of the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee who was up for the position of alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Mr. Storck was not approved along with the other candidates, but singled out due to his social media activities. These amounted to nothing more than disagreeing with town councilors from time to time. No evidence was brought forward. Those in attendance had to listen to Councilor Allinson’s confusing explanation of her “no” vote that seemed to suggest it was based on her feeling wary about speaking up on Facebook combined with a supposed slight Mr. Storck made about Republicans — which she admitted might have been a typo.

On March 22, Raymond Rys was reappointed as vice-chair of the ZBA despite sharing an abundance of offensive Facebook posts, including one suggesting Democrats are Nazis. His character witness, the chair of the ZBA, shared an image of protesters with the caption “Thank you for providing us the best argument for gun ownership in 245 years.” Yet Mr. Storck, for whom the council had no evidence of wrongdoing, was rejected for his behavior on social media. 

It is now perfectly clear that Mr. Storck’s social media behavior was merely a lazy excuse for the Republican councilors to take petty revenge. They don’t care if people are offensive on social media; they only care if they like you. They are abusing their power, and like most people who do, they think they have the right. They have gone on as they began, their hypocrisy is both appalling and shameless. 


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