LETTERS: Petty disagreements on the Wallingford Town Council

Petty disagreements


On March 8th, sitting in the Town Council chambers for the second time in 2022, I started to reflect on my first full year living back in Wallingford. In the last year, the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee has stood up and fought for better conditions at the animal shelter, funds for the community pool, smart usage of ARPA funds, the appointment of a town councilor in Gina Morganstein’s position, and most recently Ed Storck’s appointment as alternate to the ZBA. 

When I moved home I dreamed of collaborating with our council on more green initiatives in town, adding diverse books to our school libraries, increasing accessibility for residents and so much more.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible because our time continues to be used to stand up against petty disagreements and “eye for an eye-like” behavior. 

I have never in my life seen a town operate the way Wallingford does. Our town charter allows the council to act as they feel in the moment rather than have a proper procedure for anything.

Ed Storck deserved a seat as an alternate on the ZBA. Councilor Zandri chose to block him, for no legitimate reason other than what is otherwise considered normal political discourse on social media.

It’s time our council starts focusing on the important needs of our town and working to move Wallingford forward.

Whitney Mooney, Wallingford

Understanding history


History always repeats itself. Oh, they don’t teach that subject in school anymore. How about wagging the dog so the American people don’t realize what’s happening around them? Global warming imbeciles and green new deal zealots will ruin this country as no war or pandemic could do. We cannot transition from fossil fuels without equivalent energy sources.

It will take at least 25 to 50 years to build a power grid, produce enough energy and get rid of gasoline engines. How long will you wait in line? What is the cost to charge a car? Progressives want to do all solar and wind power. What about the rest of this planet? Are we the fools. What is your ideal temperature?

Natural resources and indoor plumbing made this country great. Don’t forget the legal immigrants that came here, became Americans, worked hard and made us what we are, warts and all. Wealthy people can afford taxes. We reward people who are not productive.

What will our grandchildren think of us who dumped 30 trillion debt on them, for entitlements for ourselves? Why bury our mistakes? We will understand history much better if we stop erasing it. We are under an economic death sentence. I still don’t know what my fair share is. Ned, please no TCI.

I am the NRA. I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. Give me liberty or give me death.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden


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