LETTERS: Dysfunction at City Hall; wonderful care at Meriden’s hospital



Of course there should be no assistant city manager. Get rid of the current salaryman and hire a dynamic individual and pay her 300K. Automatic savings. Coon, at best, will keep Meriden bumping along the bottom. If so inclined to make a bad decision, as they typically are, the terrible 12 could have paid for six years of an assistant if not for the Scaife fiasco. Exactly what qualifies these bunglers to assess the need for an assistant manager anyhow? They no doubt have someone in mind. What was Scaife on to?   

If Thompson Candy needs a loan they should approach an entity called a bank. The dysfunctional crew at City Hall should not be expanding their legerdemain into banking, or anything else. Their hubris is laughable and they really need to limit their activity to the lowest level possible with an eye toward doing the least amount of harm. Meriden has been on life support for way too long. Why expose taxpayers to an unnecessary 500K default? With all due respect to the opinion of the RJ's Pollyanna. 

Leo Baillargeon, Meriden

Wonderful care


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at MidState hospital for the wonderful care they gave our daughter while she was there for five weeks. She had a very serious illness. The Doctors, nurses, CNAs from the emergency department to the Pavilion’s B, C , and D.

It was all of them that made her comfortable. In my opinion, every single person that works at MidState hospital should be commended for the care and cleanliness they give. Meriden should be very proud of its hospital. We felt like we were surrounded by family. They would follow up with us every day in person and with phone calls. They answered all our questions every day. They saved our daughter Tiffany’s life. We will forever be grateful. Every one of them are essential workers.

Ben and Debra Belancik, Meriden 




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