LETTERS: We don’t have to go overboard with Cheshire schools

We don’t have to go overboard


There is an over-aggressive approach by town government to push their personal agenda concerning the destruction of Cheshire schools. The school modernization committee has taken the stand that the schools which Cheshire presently use are in poor condition. Their mission is based upon the age of the buildings and more recently have added enrollment numbers in an effort to sell their plan to the public. This committee has even hired private outside firms in an effort to reinforce their goals. The new generation plan as they call it is falling upon deaf ears of many taxpayers in the town, especially seniors. The reality of the country’s economic condition, supply chain issues, rising energy prices, rising food prices and personal finances play a more important role in daily life than  the SMC’s personal goals. There is yet to be an accurate fixed cost for the entire plan from them. It is my opinion that the total cost of all phases relating to Scenario 6 could cost $1 billion because of unforeseen problems with building products. Unacceptable and unaffordable. These buildings are sound, safe structures.

We all want the best conditions for our students and teachers but we don’t have to go overboard in order to achieve it. If our schools are that bad our own building inspector would had have something to say about it. What’s wrong with renovation? The Cheshire education system has already proved itself in state ratings, knocking down and rebuilding does nothing to change this. In any school the success of the student is in how they are educated by qualified teachers and how they apply themselves with the knowledge they are taught. Let’s concentrate our educational efforts on the students in developing new programs in the classroom instead of putting aesthetics in front of learning.

Ray Ilnicki Jr., Cheshire


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