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LETTERS: Term limits, Wake up America

LETTERS: Term limits, Wake up America

End the fighting


It is time for term limits to end the fighting in DC. The politicians seem to have forgotten that they work for the people.

April Willhide, Manchester

Wake up


Wake up America! Every time your liberal Democratic lawmakers vote in new taxes (groceries, medicine, tolls, harmful revenue-producing items, such as recreational marijuana) you lose more precious freedom. They think all the money is theirs – they just let you keep some of it. State property tax too? In Connecticut, we’re losing our productive taxpaying residents and businesses at warp speed, but we have the welcome mat out for more poverty with the giveaway policies that are in place. After all, if we give you stuff, you’ll vote for us. We give illegals drivers licenses and sign them up to vote at the DMV. My kids had to pay hundreds of dollars to learn to drive, pay money for a safe driving course, then testing and license fees. Yet again, our own citizens get the shaft.

I say, stop giving money to countries that hate us, close the borders and open up Ellis Island again. You get here by having two sponsors, learn English, have a job or skill that we need, get a background check and disease clearance – those policies worked.

The younger lawmakers are now in place, as the march toward socialism goes on. The propaganda’s been drilled into their heads by our dumbed-down educational system. Socialism has never worked anywhere before, because eventually you run out of other people’s money. Why don’t you ask legal immigrants from places like Russia, Cuba, Venezuela what they think of socialism/communism? To counteract this trend, America needs to teach our Constitution in each year of public school.

It’s simple – the Democrats want to flood America with a guaranteed voter base. Think of the money we’d have to support our own needs – veterans and citizens –  if we weren’t burdened with the outrageous ongoing cost for education, food, housing, healthcare, etc. for illegals. Explain to me why people who shouldn’t even be here get a free ride. America can’t support the whole world – sorry.

Christine Graziani, Wallingford