LETTERS: Not happy with revaluation in Meriden

Spending habits


Just when you thought COVID was our worst enemy, along comes the city of Meriden with its revaluation. I never understood the method of increasing property values from the previous values when in most cases nothing was done to said properties to enhance the value. Just looking at the increases of homes on my street, values have gone up thirty to fifty thousand dollars, insane.

With people out of work due to no fault of their own or at minimum losing time at work due to COVID this has come at a very inopportune time. 

When the city  spends thousands on walking trails that not everyone uses but lets our roads fall into deplorable conditions that most everyone uses shows you where the priorities are. It’s all about the constant desire to spend with money we do not have and to pay for it the homeowner foots the bill. What on earth does the sale of Kentucky Fried Chicken have to do with me? If KFC can get their price for their property, good for them, raise their property tax, not mine. The selling of various commercial properties for big profits is just the excuse the city needs to raise mine.

Councilor Dan Brunet said, “looking at the numbers there is definitely going to be a decrease in the mill rate to some extent,” but we all know no matter what the decrease in the mill rate is, we will still be paying more in the end. This city’s spending habits are out of control and have been for many years with what appears no end in sight. Who will they tax when everyone leaves?

Frank Milano Jr., Meriden


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