LETTERS: Shame on a basketball coach



Shame on Sacred Heart Academy’s girls basketball coach. Shame! Shame! Shame!  Wish I had the patience to type it 92 times.

Mike Mendyka, Wallingford

Bumper sticker


You want a bumper sticker? “Rush Limbaugh is dead, and there’s a Democrat in the White House!”

Joseph Alan Zaboroski, Wallingford

Early Christmas spirit


About a week ago, my husband rode his motorized scooter to the end of our long driveway to repair our mail box. His scooter hit a bump and threw him off the scooter.

He has trouble picking himself up from the ground. A young lady passing by in her car stopped, two other cars stopped to help.

They lifted him up and placed him on his uprighted scooter and also replaced our mail box.

One young man was a physical therapist on his way to a patient. At least one lived on Mount Vernon Road.

All were our “Christmas Angels.” They made our Christmas much more real.

Thank you all.

Beatrice and Louis Collar, Southington


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