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LETTER: Snow dispute in Wallingford

LETTER: Snow dispute in Wallingford

Readers’ Opinions

Don’t need others’ snow


To the individual who dumped the snow he removed from the driveway across from mine and deposited it along side of my driveway, last Tuesday, let me enlighten you as to what you don't know. First of all, the property where you dumped the snow is "town right of way,” not "town property" as you incorrectly stated. The town does not maintain this property, does not mow it, nor clean up the road debris deposited by individuals such as yourself. I do. Secondly, there are specific laws protecting abutting property owners (me), specifying who may use this property, and under what conditions. You are not on that list. Thirdly, you created a safety hazard not only for me, but for oncoming traffic as well, as you blocked my driveway line of sight. Fortunately for both of us, a much bigger person than yourself removed the snow you left, when they saw the hazard you created. My advice to you and anyone else who practices this indiscriminate dumping: consider the impact your actions have upon others. The snow you remove from a property should be redeposited on the property from which it was removed. This is a matter of common sense and courtesy. In snowier winters than this one has been, we all have enough snow to deal with, without having additional snow from somewhere else added to our burden. You can be sure, you will be called back to remove whatever you dump if this occurs in the future.

Linda Kurylo Wallingford