OPINION: Biden is leading us in the wrong direction

By Jim Seichter

The year 2021 began with former President  Donald Trump continuing to claim voter fraud which some refer to as the “Big Lie.” Actually, a vaccine to cure amnesia would be beneficial as many conveniently forget the original “Big Lie” that the 2016 Trump campaign conspired with the Russians, which most in the media and many Democrats repeated for four years in an attempt to undermine Trump’s administration. The genesis of the hoax came from the Steele dossier which was paid for by the Clinton campaign. Unfortunately, Trump’s endless rantings of election fraud resulted in the attack on the US Capitol. In late January President Joe Biden was sworn into office with the anticipation of bringing together a divided country after four years of Trump; a member of the clergy even referred to Biden as “Our Moses.”

Biden, highly critical of Trump’s response to COVID, professed to have a plan to shut down the virus and suggested the states get out of his way as his administration addresses COVID. However, he has only succeeded in polarizing the issue through contradictory announcements and vilifying Red states and the unvaccinated. Despite warnings in August 2021 of potential new COVID variants, in October 2021 Biden rejected a 10-page plan for a testing surge to prevent a holiday COVID surge resulting in the current shortage of tests. Just as Trump failed to effectively address COVID, Biden has failed and now suggests there is no federal solution and that this gets resolved at the state level, thus over promising and under delivering on his main campaign promise.

Biden’s incoherent immigration policy created an open southern border that resulted in the Border Patrol encountering over 1,900,000 individuals from countless countries entering the United States illegally while others evaded the Border Patrol. A record number have died attempting the journey. Fentanyl and other illegal drugs coming across the southern border have soared, resulting in over 100,000 drug-related deaths in 2021.To an extent, the drug cartels are exercising greater control over our southern border than the Biden Administration which has hamstrung the Border Patrol in enforcing immigration laws.  

Biden has visited areas of the United States that experienced disasters, however he has shown no interest in visiting the southern border to see firsthand the challenges the Border Patrol and border communities are facing. He and Vice President Kamela Harris only appear interested in vilifying the Border Patrol for attempting to enforce immigration laws. If not for the much-maligned Fox News flying a drone over Del Rio, Texas, in late September most in the media would have continued to ignore the chaos at the southern border. Like COVID, Biden has essentially left the border states to deal with the border chaos.

The decision to withdraw American military forces from Afghanistan was widely supported, while its execution was widely criticized. Biden misled the American public concerning advice he received from his military advisers for the withdrawal, as well as the number of American citizens and Afghan allies left behind despite his promise to leave no one behind. His actions have resulted in world leaders questioning the United States’ credibility. Fortunately, many Americans who served in Afghanistan organized volunteer groups to help Afghan allies, abandoned by the Biden administration, who had assisted the United States military, in leaving the country.

Biden’s Build Back Better plan stalled after Senator Joe Manchin indicated his lack of support believing it will result in inflation, now at a four-decade high.  However, the highly partisan economist, Paul Krugman, believes Build Back Better would not make much difference to inflation. Krugman previously suggested the economy would crash after Trump was elected in 2016 and several months ago professed inflation we are now experiencing would only be transitory.

Biden appears more focused on threats Russia poses to Ukraine than threats the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) presents to the United States. Interest is lacking in pursuing with the CCP the origin of COVID or curtailing the fentanyl China ships to drug cartels which makes its way across the southern border. One might speculate this is the result of the lucrative business transactions Biden family members explored with entities with connections to the CCP. As more information was developed concerning those transitions and those with other foreign entities, one might view the Biden family as the poster family for “White male political privilege”.  

Public officials are recognizing the negative impact the defund/dismantle police movement has had on their communities and are reversing police budget cuts. However, they are challenged in recruiting police officers after many retired due to the disparaging manner they were treated and lack of support. Chicago’s mayor, after rejecting a proposal several years ago from Trump to send federal officers to assist Chicago in dealing with increased gun violence, has now requested the Biden administration provide federal assistance. Rather than the FBI becoming involved with communities concerning disruptive parents at school board meeting, Merrick Garland should consider the FBI assisting local authorities in identifying well-organized gangs in major cities engaged in “smash and grab”, carjacking and the looting of freight trains in Los Angeles and prosecuting them under the RICO act.

After one year, one might suggest “Our Moses” is leading us in the wrong direction given his failed policies on COVID, the southern border, inflation and crime. 

Jim Seichter is a Wallingford resident.


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