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We need city to be affordable again

We need city to be affordable again

Quality education, vibrant job market and stable taxes are key measures property owners research when choosing where to live.  Meriden fails to satisfy these criteria.

Meriden is trailing the state SAT average.  Our 4.1% unemployment exceeds 3.1 state average.  Meriden’s mill rate has increased year after year.  Last year 5,999 nonpartisan taxpayers rejected the city’s budget, the council responded with a modest decrease, but exceeded it by 4%. Just one year after the referendum, this council has exceeded its bond limit 2 months into the budget, due to nonessential projects such as the Banquet Hall, Hangers, and a Library expansion.  The majority side of the council claims $100 million in public/ private investment in low income housing and tax abatements are economic development, but to date haven’t netted anything besides empty market rate apartments, and empty store fronts. 

I will work with Economic Development to reduce the red tape involved in establishing new businesses, leading to job creation.  We will focus on infrastructure design and road repair at key access points to Meriden to improve access and appeal.  We must increase our focus on blight laws.  We will create a tough but achievable budget that steps down spending and creates goals for department heads.

We need Meriden to be affordable again.  We have to grow the tax base in order to control the mill rate.  We also need to control spending.  It’s time to hold the City Manager and department heads, accountable for their budgets.

I am running because the success of our referendum was overshadowed by the council’s need to show us they didn’t have to listen. The referendum proved that I will work with you in mind.

We voted together, regardless of party, to make change before.  Vote together again for Mike Carabetta on November 5th!

Michael Carabetta is seeking election to the Meriden City Council, representing Area 4.