CANDIDATE OPINION: Why I’m running  

By Lou Arata 

Some politicians are trying to make this election about anything OTHER than your pocketbook. The inflation rate in the United States is hovering over 8% — the highest inflation rate in 40 years.

Democrats have “trifecta” control in Washington D.C., and Connecticut. They control the House, Senate and the executive branch, president and governor, respectively. Our families are struggling to make ends meet. Our dismal financial situation is because of the Democrat policies they’ve forced on the working people of this country.

If everything was wonderful, with the Connecticut economy booming, the Democrat trifecta having total power and control could take credit for that too. Truth is, everything is getting worse. The cost of heating and cooling a home is significantly higher, gas prices continue to rise and you’re paying more for less at the grocery store. Connecticut Democrats have controlled the House and Senate, as well as the governorship, for more than a decade, and only they must take responsibility because they were the ones calling all the shots. There is no balance in decision making in Connecticut politics in Hartford or Meriden. It’s the same people painting the same rosy picture, except you aren’t living in that rosy fantasy.

Life is hard, not always fitting easily into how you might like to see things transpire. But there is something you can do — vote for me and give common-sense policy solutions an opportunity to prove that the free-market system and fiscal prudence is the surest road to recovery. We definitely are living proof we‘re heading in the wrong direction.

I signed the “Contract with Connecticut” on September 21st and in doing so, I pledged to act on five initiatives; An affordable Connecticut, protecting our communities, making government work for you, putting families first and protecting local control in all areas of municipal governance. You may read further on the website and see that the Republican representatives have a detailed plan and offer transparent solutions to our most urgent needs.

My endorsements have been led by law enforcement. Because of unwavering support for our first responders, the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police, and the Berlin Police Department support my candidacy. Meriden Police Union #1016 previously endorsed me. I’ve been an entrepreneur and small business owner. I’ve been endorsed by the CT REALTORS because I understand how important home ownership investment is for the majority of people and their communities.

Are you able to buy as much as you did 2 years ago? Winter is coming and will you be able to afford your heating bills? What do you think our economy will look like after the election, if the same people in charge that made this mess are elected to continue their inane policies?

In my last op-ed (R-J 9/24/2022) I stated that Connecticut now has over 340 taxes and fees levied on our 3.5 million residents. Beginning in January 2023 the highway use tax on trucks will go into effect because our Democrat-led state representative trifecta wanted even more tax revenue. I fully support repealing the truck tax. It will raise the cost of food, consumer goods and services even higher. If not repealed and you live on a fixed income or must adhere to a family budget, you’d better be prepared to do with less — unless we change who we elect to represent us. That is why I’m asking for your vote.

I’m running for state representative for the 83rd district because I’m tired of seeing such bitterness and disfunction at almost every level of our society. Even in our homes, just talking politics can be contentious. Which news station you listen to can be contentious. I’m sickened by being told how I must use the English language and what topics are and aren’t appropriate. The free flowing of ideas is where solutions are found. I don’t really care where or who has the best ideas, I want to live in a state where all ideas can be shared and debated. That’s where progress truly lies — we need to be able to communicate and listen to each other. We may not agree on everything, but respectful discourse paves the way to the world of understanding.

Lou Arata is the Republican candidate for the 83rd House District seat and is vice chairman of the Meriden Public Utilities Commission and the Meriden Republican Town Committee.


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