EDITORIAL: Land trust simplifies battery disposal

The Southington Land Conservation Trust is making it easy to properly dispose of household batteries.

The organization is offering a drop-off program, for the most common kinds of household batteries, at its 76 N. Main St. office in Southington. 

“Our location is one more place for people to utilize and if it’s easier, more people are likely to recycle. We want to keep batteries out of the waste stream,” said Shari Guarino, land trust board member, in an interview with the Record-Journal.

Easy and convenient are a good approach when there’s a chore involved. While hazardous waste collections are available from time to time, those events can slip by, leaving us holding a bag of spent batteries that we’d really like to get rid of, pronto.

The land trust is providing an opportunity to do the right thing. There’s a marked recycling box inside the N. Main Street building, just off the parking lot in the back.  After regular business hours and weekends, deposit batteries in the marked “Battery Recycling” box outside the building by the door.

Common household, non-rechargeable, single-use alkaline and zinc AA, AAA, 9V or C or D cell batteries are accepted. The group also is collecting rechargeable batteries and nickel cadmium batteries. These are on the mandatory recyclables list in Connecticut.

SLCT does not accept car batteries but advises that these can be returned at many hardware and automotive stores.

To process household batteries for drop off, put them in a sealed plastic bag. Taping the terminals is optional but recommended for 9-volt batteries and rechargeable batteries. Place bagged batteries in the marked recycling box.

This is as simple as a solution can be and brings with it an unstated strategy of “no excuses” when it comes to individual responsibility to make sure used batteries get recycled. It’s a convenient and worthwhile opportunity.





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