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Wallingford Wood-n-Tap closed after kitchen fire

reporter photo

WALLINGFORD — The fire department responded early Saturday morning to a fire at Wood-n-Tap bar & grill, 970 N. Colony Rd. 

Responding to a fire alarm on the premises at around 3 a.m, firefighters forced entry into the kitchen area which had caught fire. The blaze was extinguished relatively quickly, causing minor smoke damage to the kitchen. No injuries were reported at the scene. 

“It was nothing too extensive,” Battalion Chief Kris Sundwall said. “It was isolated to that area of the kitchen.”  

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Fire Marshal’s office. 

Wood-n-Tap is a chain restaurant with multiple locations around the local area. The manager could not be immediately reached Saturday. An outgoing phone message states that the Wallingford location will be closed this weekend due to the fire.



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