O’Connell is out-fundraising Dickinson so far in race for Wallingford mayor

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WALLINGFORD — In the race for mayor, Democratic challenger Riley O’Connell has out-fundraised Republican incumbent William W. Dickinson Jr. so far by more than $13,500.

The most recent campaign finance disclosure statements to the State Elections Enforcement Commission were due Tuesday.

The SEEC filings cover individual candidates' campaign financial activity. The latest filings — the seventh day preceding the election — cover Oct. 1 to Oct. 24, including itemized contributions and expenditures. The filings also include aggregated information from past filings, due Oct. 10, July 10, April 10 and Jan. 10.

So far, Dickinson has raised $25,465 while O’Connell has raised $39,139 — a difference of $13,674, or 42.3 percent.

Dickinson began with a zero balance on his committee's first filing on Oct. 10, which covers July 1 to Sept. 30. His campaign had $20,342 on Oct. 1, the beginning of the most recent financial reporting period.

Dickinson’s campaign reported raising a total of $17,950 in contributions from individuals, $500 from donated personal funds, $490 from proceeds from small purchases and $6,525 in program advertising purchases.

Donors to Dickinson’s campaign committee who have given $500 or more include Wallingford residents Raymond Long, Gerald and Mary Ann Farrell, Jonathan Gavin, Robert Prentice, Patrick and Paige Birney, Dara Einhorn, Philip Walton, Laurie Manke and Barton Bauers.

Patricia Kohl, of Wallingford, also donated $495. James Bowes, of Southington, also donated $500 or more.

O’Connell’s campaign had raised a total of $16,491 by July 1, when the July 10 filing period ended.

The committee reported $13,966 cash on hand at the start of the Oct. 10 filing. During that filing period of July 1 to Sept. 30, the committee reported taking in $34,551 in contributions from individuals, raising a total of $35,570.

In the most recent filing covering Oct. 1-24, the committee started with a balance of $22,694. After receiving additional contributions, O’Connell’s campaign has reported raising a total of $39,139.

Donors to O’Connell’s campaign committee totaling $500 or more include Wallingford residents John O’Connell, Maria Gouveia, Craig Villone, Vincent Avallone, Richard Caplan, Terri Arsenault, Paul Bankowski, Alida Cella, Kenneth Russell and Debra Testa.

Other donors giving $500 or more include Benjamin Torda of Somerville, Massachusetts, Richard Ingraham of Syracuse, New York, Kristen Ford of Ithaca, New York, Simon Bellemare of Washington, D.C.

Other candidates

Not all candidates running for local office must file campaign finance statements, just the ones who have filed an intent to fundraise and raise a minimum amount.

According to the seventh day preceding the election SEEC filings of the Town Council candidates who are fundraising: Republican Vincent Cervoni reported raising a total of $15,936, with $200 in expenses paid by the committee and $11,052 in campaign expenses paid by the candidate. Republican Tom Laffin reported raising a total of $3,470 with no expenses paid yet. Republican Christina Tatta reported raising a total of $10,790, with $6,250 in expenses paid by the committee and $1,963 in campaign expenses paid by the candidate. Republican Autumn Allinson reported raising a total of $3,060, with $1,742 in expenses paid by the committee.

Most of the Democratic Town Council slate of candidates don’t have their own fundraising committees, and are being funded through the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee.

Democratic Town Council candidate Sam Carmody filed his campaign committee before the discussion on endorsing candidates as a party slate.

He reported raising a total of $23,813 with $8,147 in expenses paid by the committee and $711 in campaign expenses paid by the candidate.

Of the Board of Education candidates who are fundraising, Republican Rajan Doering reported raising a total of $1,257. His committee ended up with a zero balance at the end of the filing period.

Doering didn't intend to raise more than $1,000, which is the threshold to form a campaign committee, his campaign treasurer Joseph Sanders said. He formed the committee Oct. 1, after the last filing period. The current filing period shows $1,007 paid by Doering, but those are expenses that the campaign has reimbursed.

Republican Jen Passaretti reported raising a total of $4,209, with $4,067 in expenses paid by the committee. Republican Marla Roscoe reported raising a total of $2,655, with $2,341 in expenses paid by the committee.

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