Frankie’s opens new Wallingford location in former convenience store

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WALLINGFORD — Located in the former Cumberland Farms, Frankie’s opened on Route 5 this past Friday and owner Scott Castico says business is going well. 

“Things have been good. It started off a little slow, but now we’re getting busy,” Castico said. “We have a good staff and everything is good.”

Castico is the brother of Jacob Castico, who owns and runs the Plainville location with their father, Armand Castico. 

The Wallingford location offers limited seating as Castico wanted it to be more of a take-out restaurant. Customers can also order at the walk-up window. 

“This is an original Frankie’s, we’re not a franchise,” Castico said. “This one is a little more to go, limited seating but we still have a big menu. Tons of seafood, the seafood is fresh everyday.” 

The menu also features Frankie’s famous hot dogs and the popular steak fries. In comparison to other locations, the Wallingford Frankie’s does not offer ice cream and milkshakes. 

Although the business was approved in early March 2021, Castico said getting the restaurant ready for business and finding employees caused delays in the opening date.

“Wallingford has been great,” Castico said. “This town is awesome. We’re in a busy location and we’ve been busy. We’re happy to be here. 


Noelle Thurston, a Wallingford resident, stopped in for lunch for her and her coworkers at Enterprise. 

“I heard about Frankie’s from one of my employees,” Thurston said. “They were waiting for it to open so we got some steak and cheeses and hot dogs.” 

Along with Thurston, Diana Hotchkiss, a Wallingford resident, said she saw the sign go up and when her son told her Frankie’s had opened she decided to stop in for lunch. 

Hotchkiss enjoyed a chilli burger and steak fries, which she said was “really good.” 

“It’s very good and I’ll be back,” Hotchkiss said. “It’s a quick in and out. It’s not a place where you’re going to come, sit and socialize for hours and I think it’s a good idea.” 

Frankie’s, 866 N. Colony Rd., is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

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