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Scouts hosted Summer Robotics Club

Scouts hosted Summer Robotics Club

This summer, Durham-Middlefield Girl Scout Troop 62092 hosted a Summer Robotics Club for Brownies and Juniors from troops 62092 and 62050.

Our first badge was Programming Robots. Scouts learned how to write instructions for a code. They set up a course, wrote a program and tested it. The first robot build was a brush-bot, using electric toothbrushes and nail brushes.

Our next badge was Designing Robots. Scouts learned about biomimicry, artificial Intelligence and robot design. They designed prototypes to help the environment and to help solve problems in the community like natural disasters, fire safety, or bots to help with chores. Scouts learned how to use wire strippers to attach motors to matchbox cars and turn them into electric vehicles.

Finally, troop members earned Showcasing Robots by learning about robotics competitions and teams, taking virtual tours of robotics labs and sharing our designs in the Durham library display case in August.

The last robot design was walking robots. These were made with motors, Popsicle stick feet and straws and toothpick legs and skates.