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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Vote for Democrats

To the editor:

I’m a Junior Durham Democrat and I’m just learning and getting involved in politics.

Here’s just some of what I’ve realized is important to me: Healthcare for all, making a way for my friends to become citizens, global warming, veteran protections, equal pay, women’s right to choose and keeping kids out of cages.

The Democratic candidates want these things too and if you agree with me, vote for them on Nov. 6.

Why am I asking you to vote? I’m only 17. I can’t.

Please vote on my behalf.

Noah Shoudy
CRHS Class of 2019

Supporting Parker

To the editor:

I encourage everyone in the 101st district to vote for John-Michael Parker on Nov. 6.

I have spent many hours in John-Michael’s company as he analyzed key information about our community. He has eagerly listened to direct input from Durham residents collected over many weeks going door-to-door.

He is positive, insightful, engaging, well-spoken, and he won’t forget that Durham is part of his district once he gets to Hartford.

Even though he is a newcomer to politics, his views on the economy, healthcare and protecting our quality of life are well-formed and thoughtful.

Please cast your vote for John-Michael Parker.

Martin W. Anderson

Don’t be fooled

To the editor:

All vaccines, including flu vaccine, contain large amounts of aluminum, the primary culprit in autism, development and cognitive issues and neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s. It doesn’t contain eggs because viruses for vaccine use today are grown in tissue cultures from human fetuses. Flu vaccine viruses have caused several serious outbreaks.

Don’t be fooled by our “health” care system — flu vaccine is more hazardous than ever.

Sue McIntosh MD

Proud volunteer

To the editor:

Yes, I'm now home on Monday morning with the “fair flu”!  

Being home alone without crowds, phones dinging, loudspeakers blarring, upset patrons screaming, it gives me time to reflect.

The Durham Fair is proud to share the fact it is run by volunteer personnel. But, after holding a volunteer position at the fair for over 37 years, I don't think I ever realized the magnitude of its value and the level of expertise the volunteers hold.

We take vacations from our jobs, work crazy and tough hours, get screamed at, correct rumors (like you wouldn't believe) but keep coming back for more to create one of the most wonderful and unique events in New England.

Through outrageous hurdles due to rain, careful decisions had to be made on a moments notice. The safety of the public was always the first concern and never discarded.  

It sounds so simple and may be overstated, but I'm incredibly proud to be a part of a fine organization. I'm forever grateful to my parents who taught us to give back to our community. The joy in my heart is immeasurable.

Thank you towns of Durham, Middlefield and Rockfall.

Wendy Manemeit

Coordinator of Entertainment, Durham Fair