Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Re-elect Francis


For the last eight years, Durham has been blessed with the hard-working, knowledgeable and charismatic leadership of our First Selectman, Laura Francis. She tirelessly manages the business of the town while actively participating in community and interlocal agency meetings. 

These meetings have resulted in our successful application for millions of dollars in state grants. Many of these are improving our very rural road and sidewalk structure. She has guided the nearly complete gas line and soon-to-be complete water line into the town, making our schools and businesses run more economically and mitigating the pollution caused by early manufacturing. This will vastly improve property values in the formerly polluted center of town.

Laura has revitalized the economic development efforts currently underway which we all visualize as improving our tax base.

Laura has developed a rapport with RSD13. This yielded approximately $500,000 in insurance cost savings for the towns and the school system.

Also, she lobbied for and achieved local personnel being appointed to a finance sub-committee. This forward-looking group provides input to RSD13 regarding the impact of the proposed school budget, grand list and state aid on our mil rate.

As the community became concerned regarding school violence, she worked with RSD 13 to secure a resource officer and additional police patrols in the town.

Laura has worked with our sister town to develop shared resource opportunities such as a shared town planner. She has worked to oversee the Transfer Station and municipal waste issues that are looming in Connecticut.

Many of you know Laura as the face of Durham who shows up at many community events representing the town.

Her love for Durham is evident and we will be lucky to keep her at her post.

Vote for Laura Francis for first selectman of Durham.

Chuck Stengel

A unique leader


It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of support for Laura Francis for First Selectman.

During session, I often begin or end my day with a phone call from Laura. Her great advocacy for Durham extends beyond the borders of the town, and she regularly tracks the issues in Hartford that affect our small towns.

She makes our delegation better public servants by keeping us all accountable and informed on issues important to Durham.

In 2017, when Governor Malloy sought to cut hundreds of millions of educations dollars from our towns, Laura led the charge fighting for small towns. Not only did she provide legislators with the concept of allowing towns to adjust their mil rates downward so that residents were not overtaxed when the money was restored, her advocacy led to a state law which now prohibits governors from making cuts to education funding after a state budget has been adopted.

Laura is a unique leader who does not merely seek funding for projects at the state and federal level, but rather offers commonsense reforms to improve government functions.

It is truly an honor to support a person like Laura Francis, and I hope the residents of Durham do the same in November.

State Rep.
Vincent Candelora