Cub Scouts’ P.R.A.Y. Program ‘everything one could hope for’

Submitted by Pack 33:

Members of Pack 33 in Durham and Middlefield gathered with their families and leaders for a special scouting event at Middlefield Federated Church on Sept. 11.

Working alongside Deacon Ed Holden and Pastor Eva Cudmore, for six weeks this summer, the scouts participated in the Cub Scouts’ P.R.A.Y. Program.

Holden created a curriculum that was both ecumenical and exciting.

“Our congregation’s mission is to build relationships with God, one another, and our world,” said Holden. “It’s a blessing to partner with the Cub Scouts, and inspiring to work with these children and witness those scouting values of kindness, bravery, and reverence in action.”

Wolf Den Leader and P.R.A.Y. coordinator Amie Blum stated, “The P.R.A.Y. Program was everything one could hope for. Our Scouts were able to learn and grow in their faith, with a solid foundation laid before them.”

Bear Den Leader Carolyn Janis added, “Our Scout Law calls the individual to lead a life of virtues, including kindness, trustworthiness and reverence. This program this summer allowed the scouts to be reverent through prayer, fellowship and song.”

Due to the incredible response from the scouting families, and the help provided by Middlefield Federated Church, plans for future collaborations are anticipated.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the way the community came together to support our scouts,” Cubmaster for Pack 33, Mike Olszewski, stated. “The partnership between the Church and the Pack made an impact on all involved in the program. The service was a great reminder of all that we are called to do: to try our best and to do a good turn everyday. I thank Middlefield Federate Church for their support of the P.R.A.Y. Program.”


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