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Video shows woman firing gun inside Bristol Police Department

Record-Journal staff

The Office of Inspector General released video Tuesday of a woman opening fire inside the Bristol Police Department last week.

The video shows Suzanne Laprise, 51, entering the lobby of the Bristol Police Department at 131 North Main St. on Oct. 5, at approximately 11:30 p.m.

She approached the front lobby desk office windows and banged on the windows with a handgun. The front lobby desk was unoccupied at that time. After banging on the windows, Laprise fired multiple rounds into the windows. The rounds did not penetrate the bullet-resistant glass.

Officers attempted to open a dialogue with Laprise.

During that effort, Laprise fired additional rounds in the direction of the officers. Bristol Police Officer Spencer Boisvert then returned fire, firing two shots. The bullet-resistant glass stopped all rounds and no one was hit. When Laprise set the handgun down, officers entered the lobby and used a Taser to take her into into custody.

Laprise was taken to Bristol Hospital for evaluation. She was later released and returned to the Bristol Police Department.

The investigation is continuing.


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