Southington’s N. Main Street Dunkin’ to reopen with remodeled interior

SOUTHINGTON — A remodel of the North Main Street Dunkin’ will give the store a facelift but won’t take away from customer seating.

Recent Dunkin’ remodels have usually focused on the drive-through but James Drazdowsky, one of the store’s owners, said customers appreciate having a space to meet or linger.

“That area of Southington is so community-focused, a lot of people really like going in and spending time with their friends,” he said. “That’s always been a big piece of the North Main Street store.”

“We have several regular customers who absolutely love going inside. We want to make sure we can maintain what they’ve been used to,” Drazdowsky said.

Remodel, upgrades

Primarily the remodel will update the interior but there are also improvements to the ordering system for the drive-through. There will be a new digital menu board for the drive-through once the work is complete.

“There’ll be easier communication with guests at the drive-through,” Drazdowsky said. “Hopefully the drive through service will be better, more accurate.”

He’s hoping to have a reopening on Feb. 22 and welcome back customers.

Drazdowsky and his partners own the 415 N. Main St. location along with the Dunkin’ at the TA Travel Center on Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike.

Kristina Kaschke was among the customers who is looking forward to the reopening. She appreciates that the restaurant will still have plenty of seating.

“My husband and I usually go for coffee on the weekends. I like having space inside to eat at the tables or place an order,” Kaschke said. “Sometimes it’s nice to see what selection of baked goods they have available instead of just looking at a menu.”

Other recent remodels

Dunkin’ locations remodeled recently around town in some cases reduced the amount of interior space and focused on expanding or adding drive-through access.

While rebuilt in 2019, the Dunkin’ on the Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike expanded its drive through following town approval in late 2020.

The Plantsville Dunkin’ was also remodeled after town approval in 2021. That location didn’t have a drive-through before the remodel.

Even before COVID-19 made drive-through a necessity during the shutdown, Drazdowsky said Dunkin’ was emphasizing fast service in its buildings.

“Dunkin’ had really gotten into their next generation remodel when COVID first started hitting… People were focused on service, getting in and out as quickly as possible,” he said. “A lot of locations went that direction.”

The shift from interior seating to drive-through also reduces overhead, according to Drazdowsky. He believes customers miss having seating though, which prompted him and other owners to keep the North Main Street location the same. Drazdowsky saw the reaction after the Plantsville location reopened.

“There’s some people who were a little disappointed that they lost the chance to go in there,” he said.

The Planstville location has a drive-through and walk-up window but no interior open to customers.

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