Internet provider doubles Southington project as demand for bandwidth grows

Internet provider doubles Southington project as demand for bandwidth grows

SOUTHINGTON — A new internet service provider said overwhelming interest from local residents caused the company to double the miles of fiber optic cable it is stringing in town.

GoNetspeed, a Pennsylvania-based company, had planned 52 miles of fiber optic lines for its first step in Southington. Earlier this month, the company announced it will build more than 100 miles of fiber optic lines.

Prospective customers in the central part of town have scheduled installations, around 800 of which are planned for next month.

The company also announced last week that it intends to expand into West Hartford, Rocky Hill, Hamden, North Haven, Fairfield and Bridgeport.

“The demand for fiber internet across the state of Connecticut has been overwhelming,” said Michael D’Angelo, GoNetspeed sales and marketing senior vice president in a statement. “We are building as fast as we can to reach neighborhoods who have shown interest in our service.”

Residents in the central part of town saw GoNetspeed trucks stringing fiber optic lines on poles as part of the company’s deal with local utilities.

The state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority approved GoNetspeed for 104 miles of fiber optic lines in August.

Working and playing from home

Erik Grudzien took photos of the GoNetspeed trucks putting up lines in front of his house this week. He’s scheduled for an installation in December.

While switching to GoNetspeed won’t save him much money, he said the 1 gigabit upload and download speed is better than what he has now. Grudzien’s current plan has 940 megabit download and only 35 megabit upload.

“Having the faster upload speed is a big improvement. Being both a system administrator for work, and also doing gaming/streaming, upload is key,” he said.

Cable lines, what Grudzien and other Southington residents have currently, can’t reach higher upload speeds and are more susceptible to power outages. Fiber optic is faster and more reliable, Grudzien said.

“There’s three of us in the house that play games and constantly rely on internet since we’re all working for home,” he said. “The extra bandwidth is a must.”

Tina Dominique-Danko, an Old Turnpike Road resident, was excited about the company’s $50 per month offer. That will cut her internet costs in half once GoNetspeed hooks up her house.

The cheapest plan the company offers is $50 per month for 150 megabits per second speed for both upload and download. Fees and taxes are included in the total and no contract is required.

The company determines areas for growth based on interest shown online.

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