Plainville mother launches custom design business

PLAINVILLE – For local resident Kaitlyn Cote, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it financial strain. The young mother needed to earn some extra income, but with two children to care for – including a newborn – her options were limited.

So Cote put her energy into creating unique shirts, cups, signs, car decals, and more, which she sells online. She calls the enterprise Katie’s Custom Designs. And since the small business is run out of her home, she's able to watch her kids while she works.

Cote's story brings to mind the old saying "Necessity is the mother of invention."

“I love to customize things and see how excited people get when their ideas come to life,” the local entrepreneur said. 

“I’ve done products for everyday things like sweatshirts or shirts for people. I have also done big projects like wedding favors and things for birthday party favors."

Designs on wine and pint glasses are particularly popular, said Cote, who’s saving up to buy a reliable car. Currently, she has in stock canvas pouches, canvas tote bags, clear tumblers with straws, sports water bottles, keychains, and baby onesies.

“I’m in the process of applying for my LLC to get my business copyrighted,” said Cote. And she looks forward to launching a proper website as well. 

Katie’s Custom Designs can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Cote ships to anywhere in the United States. She can be reached at


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