PHS seniors recognized for doing ‘the right thing’

Peyton Stehle and Nicole Kolc are the first-semester recipients of Plainville High School’s Student Rocks Award.

Established in 2010, the Student Rocks Award honors those who “do the right thing” every day without looking for acknowledgement. Once a semester, teachers nominate, and then vote for, two students they believe are worthy of the recognition.

”Peyton and Nicole are extraordinary students who both bring a positive energy to our school community every day,” said PHS faculty member and Student Rocks co-coordinator Eileen Hebert.

Peyton Stehle

Stehle, a senior, was nominated by  Plainville High School faculty members Kerry Patterson, Kevin Levesque, Helena Pietri, John Czerwinski and Emily Wasley.   

“Peyton perfectly walks the tightrope between being impassioned and serious about the things she believes in, while also being witty and easygoing enough to bring light and laughs to any situation,” Czerwinski noted in his nomination. “She is always her best self: whimsical yet poised, supportive and generous, light-hearted yet strong to her convictions. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but careful to be direct and not heated. She makes people laugh, she makes those around her comfortable to be themselves, and she is inspirational.

”Through humor, through standing up for someone, through spreading her positivity and joy, Peyton makes Plainville High School a better place.” 

Nicole Kolc

Kolc, a senior, was nominated by PHS faculty members Mark Fritz, Sandi Dowcett, Stephanie Aresco and Kelly Hickey. 

“Nicole is hardworking, passionate, dedicated to all involvements, kind to every person she interacts with, and always willing to go the extra mile regardless of the task,” Hickey stated in her nomination. ”She truly values her family, culture and the importance of education. I personally look forward to Nicole’s frequent visits to my office, as her positivity is contagious. She has been a leader throughout the walls of Plainville High School and I know will continue to do so in her future endeavors.”

A lastingimpression

Stehle and Kolc were honored at a Feb. 2 staff meeting where they were presented with the Student Rocks plaque, upon which their names are engraved.

“The ability to leave a lasting impression on others, through acts of kindness, positive character and personal responsibility, is no small achievement,” Superintendent of Schools Steven LePage stated. “In life, actions speak louder than words, and respect is earned through actions which foster positivity and general good will. We are grateful to have students like Peyton and Nicole who exemplify these positive traits at Plainville High School.”

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