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Plainville balloon festival returns drawing large crowds to Norton Park

PLAINVILLE — After a three-year absence, the Plainfield Fire Company’s Hot Air Balloon Festival returned Friday and Saturday, drawing large crowds of people anxious to see the balloons launch.

“We have been waiting for this,” said Bristol resident Phil Cooper, who had his three children in tow as they made their way over to the balloons Saturday afternoon.

His youngest, two-year-old Paul, was not even alive when the fire company held its last festival before the pandemic.

In addition to the balloons, the festival at Norton Park featured a car show, fireworks, and an arts and craft show. For a brief time Friday, the firework show was in doubt because of the forecast for rain, but it ended up a go, albeit a half an hour earlier than the original 9:30 p.m. showtime.

Southington resident Christie Bradley said she came out both days because she wanted to see both the fireworks and the balloons launched.

“ I just love this,” she said Saturday. “It’s good to see so many people have come out. I really missed it when they didn’t have it.”

Her boyfriend Ted said that it was the balloons that he came to see.

“Someday I’m going to go up in one but I haven’t had the opportunity yet,” he said. “It must be amazing to go up so high and look down on everything.”



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