Actors tackle heavy topics in ‘A Word for Mother’

PLAINVILLE – Plainville High School’s Theater Unlimited performed Tim McArthur’s “A Word for Mother” March 18 and 19 at the school’s black box theater. This marked the first time McArthur’s play was performed on stage, and the playwright reached out to the theater group before the big production to discuss the story.

“A Word for Mother” consisted of just five actors – Hailey Calder (Pru), Lily Feyerabend (Faith), Zeyana Thigpen (Charity), Janessa Freitas (Hope) and Sofia Maksymiw (Winnie).

“This was a great play, and I had a good time performing it,” said Thigpen.

“A Word for Mother” was inspired by the death of McArthur’s mother, and is a celebration of women – mothers, motherhood, sisters, and families, the playwright said.

McArthur’s mother succumbed to leukemia back in 2016 following a short battle with the disease.

In a “A Word for Mother,” Pru passes away rather quickly from a brain aneurysm.  Her three daughters, already dealing with some personal challenges, are devastated by the loss.

Advisor and faculty member TJ Riccardo told the audience he was really proud of his actors and their accomplishments.

Riccardo explained that he wanted a play that would not just work for his actors, but challenge them as well.


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