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Dodge Avenue trucking facility plan approved

Dodge Avenue trucking facility plan approved

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Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. hopes to begin work in the next year on a new facility on Dodge Avenue, according to town engineer Jonathan Bodwell. 

On Monday, the Planning & Zoning Commission approved a site plan for the trucking company to build on 100 Dodge Ave., which is currently owned by Ulbrich Stainless Steels. 

The plan proposes disturbing 21 acres of the 44-acre parcel, which is mostly woods and wetlands. The plan includes building a brand new 49,000 square-foot warehouse, 5,400 square feet of which will be office space, according to civil engineer Michael Erickson. 

The warehouse would include 95 bay doors and the worksite would be secured with a 8-foot chain link fence, and locked, with card access at all times.

Employee parking spaces total 131, with six handicap-accessible spots. Spaces will also be available for 67 full-length trailers, 69 short trailers and 38 trucks with posts for engine block heaters. 

About 50 employees are expected to be at the site during the daytime, rotating in three shifts. However, traffic engineer Nick Fomenko said most of the site’s traffic will be moving between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The site will be accessed only through Dodge Avenue. 

“By definition, this site, because of the number of parking spaces on the site, technically falls within the definition of a major traffic generator by OSTA, the Office of the State Traffic Administration,” Fomenko said. 

OSTA will also be reviewing the site for approval. Police said this site is not expected to affect regular police operations. 

Fomenko, owner of Fomenko Engineering in North Haven, submitted a traffic report to the P & Z commission.

“Based on our findings ... we are only looking at an increase of less than 2 percent to any of the intersections around Route 5,” Fomenko said, pointing out that the property owner expects about 100 trips in and out of the facility in a 24-hour period. 

To move forward, Land Use Administrator Alan Fredricksen said the company will need to get approval from DEEP for a storm water permit as well.
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