Resident, former FBI agent to discuss his book ‘The Thin Blue Lie’

Former federal agent Greg Dillon will discuss his book “The Thin Blue Lie: An Honest Cop vs. The FBI” Tuesday, April 12 at the North Haven Library.

A North Haven resident for more than 30 years, Dillon was a police inspector assigned to an FBI fugitive task force in Connecticut when he discovered FBI agents falsifying affidavits and attributing that information to Dillon and two investigators he supervised.

After realizing the mistakes were intentional and ongoing, Dillon reported his concerns to his boss, and subsequently was removed from the FBI fugitive task force, reassigned, demoted, harassed and threatened with termination.

After filing a federal civil action against his employer, a jury trial followed involving testimony from renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee, and the most famous police whistleblower of all time, former New York City detective Frank Serpico.

Dillon earned a major courtroom victory and a landmark decision, but the retaliation continued.  

“If I come across as bitter at times during this account in ‘The Thin Blue Lie,’ it is because I still am,” Dillon said. “If you are like me, you may believe your honesty will be fairly received, only to learn you are now the problem. It did not go the way I expected. Not by a long shot.”

”When I look back, I don’t regret my actions,” the author added, “but I do lament the consequences of the reactions to my actions. While sometimes brutally blunt, what is written is heartfelt and accurate. And that is the beauty of the truth: it was true 30 years ago, is still true, and will be 30 years from now.” 

Greg Dillon’s April 12 talk at the North Haven Library begins at 6:30 p.m. Registration is required. Visit

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