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This effort was no walk in the park

Recently,  the North Haven Garden Club held a horticultural workshop at Todd's Pond led by club member and Master Gardener Ellie Tessmer. Club members who attended were Camille Bracale, Lee Fermo, Bene Jablonski, Mini Poonam and Maria Yankura.

Todd's Pond has three distinctive areas; the main, large garden on the fence, the small memorial garden in the middle, and the entrance walkway to the pond and picnic area. 

Club members cut back spent blooms from day lilies, iris and lambs ear; deadheaded the iris plants; and cut back foliage due to insect damage. Also, the ladies removed tree of heaven saplings, and deadheaded all the flowers around the telephone pole.

In the Agnes Weber Memorial Garden, participants trimmed and cut out the sucker growth on the variegate willow tree, deadheaded the iris and day lilies, and more. They cleaned up the walkway and wildlife habitat area, as well.

As you can tell, the ladies were very busy at the pond.



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