Sweets by ROSA are a hit at Bonesse Pizza

In between making pizzas, Rosa Bonesse Santoro has been busy baking treats at her family’s North Haven restaurant.

When COVID hit, Santoro decided she needed a hobby, and settled on baking as an outlet. Now, she’s churning out cake pops, cupcakes and other treats at Bonesse Pizza.

Santoro launched Sweets by ROSA in December of 2021. One of her popular creations at the moment are breakable Easter eggs, which are packed with chocolate. The “egg” itself is edible as well.

“This is something fun for the kids, especially with Easter coming up,” said Santoro, who fills special orders for all occasions.

While Sweets by ROSA is making a name for itself, pizza-making remains the top priority at Bonesse Pizza, which is located at 34 Middletown Ave.

“In the beginning I always had the fridges stocked with treats, but sometimes it gets hard when it’s just my mom and I,” Santoro said. “My dad was like, ‘you’re turning this place into a bakery.’”

Bonesse Pizza has been family-owned and -operated since 1995.

Down the road, when her parents retire, Santoro said she may attempt to run the bakery business full time.

“I am so proud of her and everything she does,” Elizabeth Bonesse said of her daughter.

Rosa Bonesse Santoro and Sweets by ROSA can be contacted via Bonesse Pizza at 203-624-3999.


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