North Haven DTC solidifies slate

The North Haven Democratic Town Committee held its biennial caucus on Jan. 4 to endorse candidates for its 2022-2024 membership. The following Democrats were endorsed:

District 1: Sally Buemi, Marie Devlin, Stephen Fontana, Michael Hallahan, Patricia Brown, Lori Mansur, Raul Avila; District 2: Frank Alvarado, Frances Bartlett, Marc Calafiore, Kenneth Quick, April Capone, Mary Anne Hardy, Sequella Coleman, Alden Mead, Gerald Feinberg, Barbara Feinberg, Debbie Reynolds, Minochka Taylor, Elizabeth Fiorillo; District 3: Nancy Barrett, Kathleen Fox, Jonathan Lewin, Elizabeth Beacom, James Giuletti, Cheryl Juniewic, Jayne Kleinman, Adam Joseph, Frederick Rodriguez; District 4: Jim Carew, Portia Elmer, Michelle Spader, Dwight Stover, Roderick Williams, Ruth Bryant, Dean Volain, Joseph Villano; District 5: Jennifer Caldwell, Joseph Cappucci, Norman Juniewic Sr., Heidi Avila, Theresa Ranciato-Viele, Kathy Spinato-Grant.

“We wish to congratulate the Democrats who were endorsed for election to the North Haven Democratic Town Committee at our recent caucus,” stated DTC Chair Jennifer Caldwell. “We have an exciting and active two years ahead of us as we work to further the values of the Democratic Party. Many thanks to those who stepped up to participate in the caucus.”

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