Raise a glass, April 17 is Malbec World Day 

Every year on April 17, Argentinians around the world celebrate Malbec World Day — a day for wine lovers to commemorate the transformation of Argentina’s wine industry.


Malbec is a purple grape used to make red wine that originated in Bordeaux, France. In 1853, the seventh President of Argentina — Domingo Faustino Sarmiento — made it his mission to transform the wine industry in Argentina. On April 17, 1853, Sarmiento had Michel Aime Pouget, a French agronomist, bring new vines to Argentina — one of them being Malbec, according to the South American Wine Guide,

Eventually, Argentina’s Malbec wine developed a distinctive taste that separated it from French varieties. In addition, production of Malbec in France slowed drastically due to the grape being too sensitive to the wet and cold in most of France’s wine region. Once the Argentinian variety was discovered by the United States and other countries, Argentina’s wine industry changed.

According to The Spruce Eats, Malbec wine is dry and full-bodied and pairs well with food.

The Mendoza region in Argentina is the leading producer of Malbec. Since 2004, there has been 450% growth in production. In 2011, April 17 was established as Malbec World Day.


In Argentina, Malbec World Day includes wine tastings and tango performances in Buenos Aires, the country’s capital. The celebration is also popular in North America.

Many wineries and restaurants serve Malbec. The wine can also be found locally in liquor stores. 

Brenda Robideau, owner of Dragonfly Wine & Spirit on Center Street in Wallingford, says that Alta Vista Vive Malbec is popular along with Chakana Attorante Malbec. 

“Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of Malbec’s on our regular wine tastings,” Robideau said.

To see what's on the menu for the store’s  wine tastings visit https://dragonflywine.com/home/wine-tastings/. 

Pairing Malbec with food is another way to elevate the flavors. The wine goes great with red meat. According to Dragonfly Wine & Spirits, Finca El Origen Malbec Reserva pairs great with beef dishes, cheeses, pasta, lamb, burgers and pizza. 


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